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Jul 12, 2016 at 02:01 PM

Design Studio - Decimals being reset by .setVariableValueExt


We are facing an issue in Design Studio 1.6.1, my gut instinct is this is a bug but want to hear from other people.

In our database (Sybase IQ) we have a field called 'Breaks' and it is whole numbers only.

In the UNX we have this field defined as an Integer and a measure which aggregates with a sum function.

We set the initial view of the data source to have 0 decimal places.

At run time this returns no decimal places.

If we then invoke .setVariableValueExt to reload the data source with a prompt value, the values in the Breaks field now have 2 decimal places.

We tested this further by setting the initial view to 5 decimal places.

At runtime we see all 5.

Post the invoking of .setVariableValueExt it resets the field to 2 decimal places again.

We tried this in scorecards, charts, crosstabs and text fields and all were the same.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?