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Jul 12, 2016 at 05:02 AM

Value is not adding in Assets balance


Dear Expert,

I am facing a issue in assets accounting, current year acquisition value is not adding in AUC balance due to this my AR02 report and GL balance for AUC not matching.

For Example -: There was 3,591,920.17 last year (FY 2015) balance in AUC 400010000015 which got carry forwarded in current year.(FY2016) in 2016 we added some more value in AUC (540,669.47) so total value in assets should be 4132589.64. On June 20th we did the AUC settlement and transferred 4132589.64 in main assets but in AR02 reports it's showing transfer of only 3,591,920.17 due to this there is a difference of 540,669.47 in AR02 report and G/L report.Till 31st March 2016 it's working fine and even in case of new AUC it's working fine.Please see the attached screenshots and suggest why it's happening ? I have also tried to recalculate values in AS02 but not change.


AUC 1.PNG (32.7 kB)
AUC2.PNG (36.1 kB)
AR02.PNG (20.7 kB)