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Jul 11, 2016 at 03:34 PM

APD Issue


Hello All,

I have a APD running once in a month which is trying to fetch the data from a Info cube via a Query .

But many a times, it happens that , when APD is triggered, the Source Infocube is in process or is in execution of Data load,

due to which my APD returns zero records as a result . And this leads to in correct reports.

Here can you please suggest, how can I make my APD wait till the data load in the Source Infocube is completed.

Once the data load in Source Info Cube is completed, system can asume that the APD is OK to execute.

Note : In PC there are many other variants and APD's as well, the APD in concern is not positioned just after start variant.

Any help in this regards will be appreciated .