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SAP MMC yellow status


WE have a SolMan 7.1 which is using SAP kernel  721 SP 621  but when we start the system SAP MMC remains in yellow status:

If you try to access to SAP ABAP and SAP JAVA everything is accessible and no errors.

On the logs the only error that appears is this one:

**** Trace file opened at 20160711 113100 South Africa Standard Time, by disp+work

**** Versions SAP-REL 721,0,621 RFC-VER U 3 1644814 MT-SL

======> JCO.Server could not find server function 'SET_SLD_DATA'

ABAP Programm: RSLDAGDS (Transaction: )

Called function module: SET_SLD_DATA

User:  xxxxx (Client: 100)

Destination: SLD_UC (Handle: 1, DtConId: 2C4A47E687CBF176BE670050569F4270, DtConCnt: 1, ConvId: 35639210,{2C4A47E6-87CB-F177-BE67-0050569F4270})

EPP RootContextId: 0050569F42701ED68DE594FE3AC990B1, ConnectionId: 00000000000000000000000000000000, ConnectionCnt: 0

EPP TransactionId: 2C4A47E687CBF13BBE670050569F4270

But connection with the SLD and SLD_UC RFC are working fine.

So, do you have any idea about what could be happening?

Thanks a lot, Sapera

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3 Answers

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    Jul 11, 2016 at 10:37 AM

    Hi SAPERA.

    Kindly check this SAP KBA ' 1731348 for the error message " JCO.Server could not find server function 'SET_SLD_DATA "



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  • Jul 11, 2016 at 10:15 AM


    Right click on the process of the yellow node click on developer trace and add that file here as an attachment.

    Kind Regards,


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    Former Member
    Jul 11, 2016 at 12:16 PM


    Thanks a lot S. Sriram , applying steps from note 1731348 SLD dissapeared.

    I' have chekced SAP note 1586315 recommended by Prithviraj but unfortunately disp+work and sapstarv.exe have the same version:

    I have restarted the system but SAP MMC continues in yellow status.

    This is the content of the dev_w* file:

    N  =================================================


    N  ===...SSF Security Toolkit name SAPSECULIB .

    N  ===...SSF library is E:\usr\sap\XXX\DVEBMGS00\exe\sapcrypto.dll .

    N  ===...SSF default hash algorithm is SHA1 .

    N  ===...SSF default symmetric encryption algorithm is DES-CBC .

    N  ===...SSF lib codepage is set to 1 .

    N  ===...SSF FIPS 140-2 mode is disabled .

    N  ===...SECUDIR="E:\usr\sap\XXX\DVEBMGS00/sec"

    N  ===...loading of Security Toolkit successfully completed.

    N  ===   CommonCryptoLib (SAPCRYPTOLIB) Version 8.4.47 pl40 (Nov 30 2015) MT-safe

    N  =================================================

    N  MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Logon Ticket cache pointer retrieved from shared memory.

    N  MskiInitLogonTicketCacheHandle: Workprocess runs with Logon Ticket cache.

    M  JrfcVmcRegisterNativesDriver o.k.

    W  =================================================

    W  === ipl_Init() called

    W    ITS Plugin: Path dw_gui

    W    ITS Plugin: Description ITS Plugin - ITS rendering DLL

    W    ITS Plugin: sizeof(SAP_UC) 2

    W    ITS Plugin: Release: 721, [7210.0.621.20020600]

    W    ITS Plugin: Int.version, [34]

    W    ITS Plugin: Feature set: [33]

    W    ===... Calling itsp_Init in external dll ===>

    W  === ipl_Init() returns 0, ITSPE_OK: OK

    W  =================================================

    N Mon Jul 11 13:52:48 2016

    N  SignInit: successfully obtained handle for Security Context cache

    N Mon Jul 11 13:52:50 2016

    N  SignInit: Not attempted to load Kerberos Library (ABAP parts missing, note 1798979)

    N  VSI: WP init in ABAP VM completed with rc=0

    E  Enqueue Info: enque/use_pfclock2 = FALSE

    E  Enqueue Info: row condense enabled

    E  EnqId_Initialize: local EnqId initialization o.k.

    M  Set restart flag on 1073741824 bytes os heap

    A Mon Jul 11 13:52:54 2016

    A  UpdateProfile (new settings): off,krn_impl,(no dyn check),(no logging),(no stat err),(local generation),(no commit)

    A  UpdateProfile (new exceptions): (tmp_err),(home_err),(local_err)

    A  UpdateProfile (new version): 0

    A  ***GENER* Trace switched off ***

    B  dbdynpdb2: no VERSION column found in table DYNPSOURCE

    B Mon Jul 11 13:53:02 2016

    B  dbrda: Redirect database access is disabled via rsdb/rda profile parameter setting.

    M Mon Jul 11 13:53:11 2016

    M  SecAudit(rsauinit): WP attached to existing shared memory.

    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of SHM for Audit.. = 0000000003040050

    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSHM........ = 0000000003041050

    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTINFO... = 0000000003043790

    M  SecAudit(RsauShmInit): addr of RSAUSLOTS...... = 00000000030437A0

    M Mon Jul 11 13:54:26 2016

    M  nobuf/trc_obj = ><

    B Mon Jul 11 13:54:35 2016

    B  dbsync[db_syexe]: { wait=0, call_no=0, current_ts=20160711135435, last_counter=45952

    B  dbsync[db_syexe]: } rc=0, most_recent_sync=45956, rec_cnt=4, request_cnt=0

    S Mon Jul 11 13:57:35 2016

    S  found spool memory service RSPO-ACTIONS at 000000001716A390

    Do you have any other idea?

    Thanks a lot, Sapera

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