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Jul 11, 2016 at 09:45 AM

Reading email address from message condition record - problem with SWC macros


I need to read the email adresses stored in a standard ESYM message condition record (transaction VV11) in my own ABAP programm. Today i read NACH-TDNAME and use the SWC macros to get the addresses.

swc_create_object message 'MESSAGE' nach-tdname.

swc_get_table_property message 'Recipients' itab_receivers.

loop at itab_receivers.

swc_get_property receiver 'Name' itab_reclist-receiver.



However, the external email adresses get truncated by the swc_get_property macro. Instead of the full length address I get only 30 characters even if the destination field is long enough.

So Im looking for an alternative to the SWC macros to retreive the full email adress.