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Jul 11, 2016 at 08:33 AM

Automatic Purchase Requisition creation from Sales Order



In some processes of my business we have the need to create an automatic purchase requisition from a sales order. I have found that this can be done by using Item Category BANS in the material master. If I do so, the purchase requisition is created with the same delivery address as the customer, but we don't want that.

Goods need to come to our central hub and from there they will be delivered to the customer.

Is there an automatic way in which the purchase requisition can be automatically created with delivery address, the plant in the item line of the sales order?

In addition, purchase requisition is created with account assignment X and item category S. I guess if we would like it to be blank blank, (standard), by configuring a new sales order type/purchase requisition combination, it would work right?

Thanks in advance!