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Jul 10, 2016 at 06:32 PM

Request for raw material against Production Order


Hello Expert, Our client requirement is as follows – Let’s say one production order requires raw materials A – 10 EA, B – 5EA, C – 1EA and respective reservation is created. Now Production Person will request Store for raw materials with qty A-5EA, B – 4EA and C – 1EA. Afterwards, store person will to post the consumption (GI) against this request i.e. only A-5EA, B – 4EA and C – 1EA or less than these qty. Then as and when required, balance raw material qty will be requested and consumed in same way. Anyone come across this kind of requirement. Could you please share your thoughts on this requirement? Is there any standard transaction available to request raw material quantity to store for particular production order? If yes then how to post consumption through MB1A or MIGO. As we can do the goods issue against reservation or production order number. Note- We don’t have WM. Thanks and Regards, Sandy