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Jul 09, 2016 at 10:43 AM




We have problem in ActivityExtension patch with web-service ManagePhoneCallTaskIn for task creation. The web-service is used for integration with 3rd party smartphone app. This app has a customer ID (as in C4C), ID of Lead/Opportunity/Telephone call (as in C4C) and sends this info to C4C to create a task.

While we worked within original Solution integration with smartphone app was smoothe and tasks were aalways created. After creating a patch, new WSDL file was downloaded and sent to developers of 3rd party app. New web-service was responding but without any messages about errors or successful task creation. In web-service monitor there are no messages at all.

After that we recreated communication greements, and added an ID into web-service. If we test it now in SOAP UI web-service works perfectly, and answer with task creation successfull with UUID is comming in.

But sending new WSDL to 3rd party developers does not help. They still do not get any error messages or UUID of newly created tasks, no tasks are created and no messages are present in web-service monitor.

How can we find the cause of such issue? Can it be caused by existance of two different active solutions in the tennant?

In the attachment there are screenshots from SOAP UI and web-service itself.

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukvishnikova


web-service3.png (83.2 kB)
web-service2.png (72.3 kB)
web-service1.png (71.1 kB)
soap ui.png (68.4 kB)
created_task.png (56.4 kB)