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Jul 08, 2016 at 04:28 PM

KEU5 allocation issue


Dear experts,

We have run a COPA assessment cycle as we need to move balance from cost center to COPA.

After execution we observe that system has generated couple of COPA documents and sum of it is more that the cost center balances, but if we see the overall balance is matching with cost center balances.


Cost center balances 10,000/-

Reference doc 1 (in COPA) = 15,000/-

Reference doc 2 (in COPA)= 12,000/-

Reference doc 3 (in COPA) = -7000/-

Reference doc 4 (in COPA)= - 20000/-

Sum (27K-27K= 10,000).

The cycle is created with Variable portion rule/ Record type From "A"- Incoming sale order to "H"- stat. Key Figure" in receiver tracing factor, (but we only have COPA documents with record type with C/ B/ and D) More over the same value field is used for Val.Fld/Key Fig. and Receiver value field.

Due to above split when we run the COPA report based on some characteristics, getting incorrect values.

Do let us know is it due to same value field used for receiver and allocation base? or do we have any SAP note to over come issue.

Best Regards