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Jul 08, 2016 at 03:21 PM

Association Binding of Views


Hello together,

currently i am implementing a sales management application as university project.

I set up the project extending a generated Worklist SAP UI 5 Application.

But now i am stuck with a problem considering the binding of an association set.

In my Gateway Odata Service i defined following two entities:

Sales Order & Sales Order Item keys: Soid & Siid and foreign key: Soid.

Then i created a 1 to M Association and implemented all backend functions.

Now i am binding a view to SalesOrderSet({objectId})and try to access my Sales Order Items in a Table.

The problem here is, that i always get all existing Sales Order Items for every Sales Order i click on.

I already debugged with the Gateway Client the result here is that the Backend functions are working fine for

/SalesOrderSet(0)/SalesOrderToItem i get all SalesOrderItems for the Sales Order with Soid 0.

If i debug the method SALESORDERITEMSE_GET_ENTITYSET with a call from the SAP UI5 application there is

no key or navigation path passed to the backend.

What is my failure?

I have another application managing Rooms and Events. In this the navigation works perfectly the only difference is that

i can access association with this RoomSet({objectId})/EventSet.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me.

Best Regards,