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Jul 08, 2016 at 06:19 AM

Splitting Structure issue



I will start with an example.

There is one CE called “ Consumption of Consumables”, which accommodates consumption of Fuel, Chemicals and consumables, all the three.

We are using three different activities for Fuel, Chemicals and consumable. Activity prices are calculated by system automatically. At the time of planning client is able to plan values for all the three activities in terms of value and quantity. So they are planning it as activity dependent and able to calculate the plan prices correctly.

Since in actual posting CE will be one and activities will be three so I created splitting structure. The cost of Fuel is high then that of consumable and chemicals and also the same is valid for chemicals and the same way the chemicals are costly then consumables. Hence I proposed them to use SKF called fuel/chemical/consumables and put the actual consumption values as SKF quantities with an intention that system will split actual cost between activities based on SKFs, the actual prices will be calculated correctly and we will achieve our target.

But the above is not happening. System is doing first splitting based on the target/planned values of activities that is available on the cost centers (Planned price x actual quantity confirmed), which is standard behavior actually which I realized on a later stage.

In such case, if plan prices are not correct then actual prices calculated after this splitting will also go wrong. Client wants that the system should consider actual values of mat consumption for those activities (Which are already defined in the system as SKF) and then calculate actual prices of activities to be more correct.

How can I achieve that?