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Jul 07, 2016 at 07:48 PM

Sales Analysis report by Item - no data



I have a client who needs to run the Sales Analysis from the Item Master Data > Sales Tab. The little Bar Graph icon.

I tested this for a Inventory and Non-Inventory item and no data shows up (Version 9.1 PL 09).

When I did exactly the same thing on our test system, it showed the data (Version 9.2 PL03)

I further tested and did a drag and relate on those 2 items to a AR Invoice and Invoices showed up - open and closed ones. When I ran the Sales Analysis from the Sales Reports section it also did not show detail when I double clicked on the line.

Is this a bug?

Your help would be appreciated.



Drag_and_Relate.png (447.4 kB)
Sales_Analysis.png (137.5 kB)