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Jul 07, 2016 at 06:01 PM

Scheduling planned order question


Hello Experts,

I'm new on PP module and I have one doubt....

When I created a planned order from a BOM material and I press shift + F6 for scheduling, some operations of the routings appears.... but not for all the operations I have in the routing of the planned order.....

Could anyone help me to identify why?

Imagine I have a material bom number 10

I created from this bom a routing on CA02 and I create 5 operations which difference work centers.

Then I created the planned order and schedule it -> In the scheduling tab appears operation 20 and 30 (for example) Can anybody tell me why?

I suppose it's related to the Work center of the routing... but what will happen if I change the work center to operation 20? Will be also the scheduling done?

Hope this can be understable...

Thansks for your support.

Best regards,