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Jul 07, 2016 at 03:50 PM

Extend standard web service UtilityTechnicalMasterdata Replication


Hi Friends,

I need to add a custom field for POD object and the same field should be used in web service(utilitiestechnicalobjectreplic) where the initial load is performed from ISU.

I added the custom field using KUT in Premise - > Conntection Details -> Object Hierarchy Details. But here in Further Usage there is no web service in which I can include this field. If I add the same in premise header then in further usage(KUT) I can add it to my required web service. But I want to maintain that field in POD level not premise level.

When I tried in SDK I added the customer field in PointOfDelivery BO but I am unable to add this field in Premise TI -> 'ConnectionDetails' area. This field is not shown in extension field list when I try to add.

is this can be achieved using KUT or is there any way yo achieve using SDK.

Please suggest.