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Jul 07, 2016 at 11:43 AM

Pricing requiremnt for new customer


Hi All,

I have attached the sales order pricing screen shot and present calculation . One of our customer requires the net value price as 8677.44 instead of 8678.05 . Actual calculation happening here is 60.26425*144. QTY is 144. But we want the calculation is 60.26*144 . While calculating system should calculate only two digits but here condition record ZAU2 is percentage wise and calculating four digits. Our customer wants the calculation as 8677.44 that means 144(QTY)*60.26 . Please can you help on this . I have attached the screen shot of the sales order .. Can we add any routines against the condition type ZAU2 ? and what is the logic of that . Please can any one help on this .. Please find the attached screen shots ..