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Jul 07, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Scrap Management in Process Industry in ByD


Hello all,

I have a client demo who is interested in knowing how the scrap or by product is managed in SAP ByD.

I have created two raw materials B1 and B2

Fg is B12

UoM for RM and FG is liters.

In the Bill of operations I have put 10% scrap.

Input Raw materials 1 liter each and output fg is 1 liter. So Using 2 liters of RM would produce 1 Liter of FG.

I have run the production cycle and when confirming the Supply task the system is proposing 1.1 liter RM each for producing 1 lit quantity of Fg.

and the FG which is coming out after the Make task is 1.1 liter.

I am not able to comprehend how the system is working and how the by product or scrap is calculated.

From the above scenario:

If I want 10 liters of FG with 10% scrap percentage in Bill of Operations; should the output be 10 + 10% of 10 liters quantity or should it be 9 liters+1 liter of Scrap?

Please help.