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Jul 06, 2016 at 12:39 PM

How to add GR posting date and GR movement type into MIRO layout


dear Experts ,

Since my financial clerks request each single invoice receipt to match the each record of goods receipt of purchase scheduling agreement ; As you know , we cannot realize each invoice receipt provided from vendor to match each record of GR finished , that leads financial clerk has to spend too much time and efforts to filter and pick up the required GR records to match the invoiced items provided by vendor ;

I am wondering if we can add GR posting date and relevant GR movement type ( 101 ,102 ) into layout of MIRO , probably another indicator (used to judge if the invoice receipt for GR record is done or NOT ) is much better if we can make it happen !😊

By the way , I also tried the "Show PO structure " at the top left corner , it does not fulfill my requirements .

thanks so much for your great support and valuable input !