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Jul 06, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Averages for Calculated Columns


Hi All,

I have an issue when trying to create averages for my calculated columns.

Basically i have a calculated column in my attribute view which generates the seconds between two time stamps.

In my calc. view i wish to get an average of the time differences, so i have created a counter to give me a count of all my jobs, but how do i sum this counter as its only aggregation behavior is "formula"?

  1. EG.

JOB# Recd time Acptd time ArrvlTime TimeTo Accept TimeToArrive Counter

1 09:30 09:35 10:00 300 (secs) 1500 1

2 11:15 11:25 11:45 600 1200 1

So i need to be able to get an average for all "TimeToAccept" and "TimeToArrive".

Ideally i would like to perform all my calculations in HANA for performance. Is this possible?

Many Thanks in advance,