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Jul 06, 2016 at 10:46 AM

Multi-tenant app how to switch tenant connecting to document repository.


Hi All,

I have one case ,two users A (belong to tenant TA) and B (belong to tenant TB) ,they share one business entity contains some documents ,base on the docs A and B can collaborate across tenants,but only A is the owner.Additionally in document repository the documents are always stored in the space of tenant TA. When B signed in and the web page will try to retrieve the docs by calling CMIS API directly via CMISProxyServlet, B might always retrieve nothing because the tenant ID of TB will be automatically propagated to the document repository server. This step seems like what CMIS workbench does and the only difference is the authentication.App structure see the following: 1.From UI side we use UI5 Application,SAML2 authentication and HttpDestination (AppToAppSSO) pointed to the cmis repository which is exposed by cmisProxyServlet. 2.The Java backend is generic and we have a CMISProxyServlet extended from AbstractCmisProxyServlet.

We know there are many methods in EcmService can help us to switch tenant ,so EcmService can work fine in this case but it also means we have to implement the RestFul API in java backend for the UI side which might cause much efforts.

So my question is how to switch tenant when we are calling CMIS API directly by using CMISProxyServlet?

Any one can help me?