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FILE to SFTP without ESR same Filename

Hi everyone.

I'm developing a File to SFTP scenatio without ESR Objects, I'm trying to get the same filename at the end of my scenario[Example: Source Filename: ABC.txt and Target Filename: ABC.txt]. however I dont know how to get the configuration working.

First I'm setting ASMA (Adapter Specific Message Attributes) on Sender File channel .

[Check turned on for set ASMA and File Name]

And I dont know how to get this value on SFTP Receiver channel, I'm setting ASMA options normally but how can I ge them for the Filename ?

ASMA [Use ASMA check, namespace default and Filename Attribute set to FileName]

Filename field: This is the part where I'm lost, how can I call the ASMA parameter? I've tried placing only FileName or an asterisk.

Please help, thanks in advance!!!

snazg.png (10.7 kB)
hdj3r.png (14.9 kB)
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