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Jul 05, 2016 at 05:37 PM

XS OData on Calc view with wild card Input Params


Hi Experts,

I am trying out a scenario with XS OData where I want to pass optional / wild card Input parameters.

Sample scenario: Calculation view Outputs an Aggregate of Sales Amount per 'Business Partner ID' and 'Billing Status'. Created a Calculation view with two input parameters (BILL_STATUS and PARTNER_ID) both Optional. These parameters are used in an expression at the Projection level with a match condition.

Data preview of Calculation view works fine, when either of the Parameters are entered as '*'. Infact both input parameters have default value as '*' in the Parameter Definition.

Next, this Calculation view was exposed as an OData service. The service metadata is as shown below:

My intension was to pass wildcard (to begin with *) for either or both of these parameters (as it works in the data preview). However the OData is not allowing passing '*' for any of the input parameters.

The following call returns results:


However a call with wildcard for input parameters does not return any records; URL like:


I even tried escape character for wildcard like '\\*' or '\*'. none of these worked.

My question is:

  1. Is wild card characters not allowed in XS OData as Input parameters?
  2. Since the parameters are optional with default value. Is there a way to skip passing them /one of them. I could not get the service working without passing both the parameters.




Expression1.png (17.4 kB)
metadata.png (176.1 kB)