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Jul 05, 2016 at 04:59 PM

pricing conditions determination



There is a Z pricing condition Z123 defined by the functional team.

It should be in header level pricing tab

Recently it is seen that is not coming up while PO creation in ME21N

when the user clicks on Update button , without changing any other data, it comes up .

for some vendors and partner combination this issue is seen that the condition is not coming up automatically

there is pricing routine for this condition, but in my opinion , pricing routines do not play any part in determination of condition types for a PO

I have commented the code for this routine and checked, its the same problem.

steps are - ME21N - document overview - give purchase req - copy - check on header pricing conditions tab

there are other pricing conditions but this one is absent.

How to check this problem from technical perspective?

I have checked follw from technical point

- cl_exithandler to check for implemented BADIs

- layer debugging for Z packages.

- checked all user exits in the system manually

- tried checking me21n std code

- checked the existing routine related to pricing condition, as mentioned above

- checked for overall enhancements existing in purchase order creation process, as per documentation / knowledge.

I checked below thread, to get some basic info

is there anything else that could be checked for this problem ?

thanks in advance