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Jul 05, 2016 at 11:57 AM

How to remove ticks in chart via CSS



I am running on DS 1.5 and I would like to remove the ticks in a category axis of a stacked bar chart

I have identified the class: v-categoryaxisline and the parameter I need so set to remove the ticks is the y2 value from "5" to "0"

Local test in browser (changed the CSS by hardcode in browser, works perfect, but I need to adjust all the line classes below the path class)

I tried to achieve it via below CSS:

.chart-style-1 .v-categoryaxisline { y2="0" !important}

It is not working. I also tried other patameters like TickLenght, without success

Changing the color of the axis is working properly.


ticks.jpg (67.8 kB)