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Former Member
Jul 05, 2016 at 07:40 AM

Separate Quick Create screens for Root and Node elements of Custom BO


Hello All,

When we generate QC screen, it contains root elements by default.

If I want a QC for node elements , is dropping the elements to 'designer' tab from 'BO browser' tab the only option ?

QC is generated for a BO based on its 'AlternativeKey' right ?

Node is linked to root via UUID.

Unique key for node elements would be UUID and not the 'AlternativeKey' of Root.

Is 'QC for node' in addition to 'QC for Root' for a Custom BO possible ?

My Custom BO has a node.

Node Association is 0 - n.

I want a QC screen for node in addition to QC of Root.

For every BO instance, I may want to create multiple node instances.

How do I achieve this ?

Please suggest.