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Jul 05, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Key Expansion Atom - missing BIUMETA


Hi all,

i use B1iSN9 with Business one 9.1 (SQL Server) and trying to understand how to use B1isnke atom.

I've followed the documentation instruction but i can not get it to work properly because i always get back a message as "missing BIUMETA document" into the atom payload.

This is what I have done:

  • Goal: i want to enrich my message with some data from the receiver system before handing it to the outbound phase
  • In my processing phase i:
    • Create the KE atom
    • Setup my processing phase into the receiver context (having the "R" letter insted of the "S" one in the scenario flow)
    • Create the BIUMETA (KE definition document) from the KE atom (SBO 9.0 to SBO 9.0)
    • Create the "XSL for JDBC call" (KERequest.JDBC.01.xsl) document from the KE atom
    • Setup the KE receiver side specifing:
      • KE Type: xsl.jdbc
      • System proposed me "KE01" as Object Id
      • I set up my "XLS for JDBC" (KERequest.JDBC.01.xsl) document as XSL Document
    • Into the "Key" form i specify an xPath to get from the Sender Message (payload "S") my "research key" the the framework linked to "Key01"
    • Into the "KERequest.JDBC.01.xsl" document i type the query I want to run against the receiver system to get the desired data. In the where condition i specify the "Key01" key to obtain the value
    • Into the "atom0" i specify the xPath to the KE atom to get my value
  • When i run the flow it get processed succesfully but i do not get any data from the KE atom payload that sais "missing BIUMETA" document

What am I doing wrong?

Is there some other configuration i missed from the documentation?

I really can't figure it out until now.

Thank you