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Jul 05, 2016 at 12:16 AM

Discount Voucher Monitoring and Application in PO



Here's our scenario:

We have purchases that are in high amount. Because of this, sometimes our vendors give us discount vouchers. But we can only use that as payment for our next purchase.


1. These vouchers are considered to be savings for our company. That savings need to be tracked buy our buyers because it's part of their KPI. For example if buyer1 was able to get USD 1,000 worth of voucher and in his other PO he was able to get another voucher worth USD 2,000. We need to output in a report that he was able to give the company USD 3,000 worth of savings. How can we handle the recording of these savings in our PO?

2. We need to now apply the voucher in our PO such that if I'm buying worth USD 3,500 I should be able to make my USD 3,000 voucher as a discount or rebate or whatever is the appropriate term. How can we do this?

3. We want to also monitor how much (value and quantity) voucher is left.

Hope you can guys help us. Thank you.