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Jul 04, 2016 at 06:43 PM

Ordinary depreciation is not calculated evenly after transfer within company code (ABUMN)


Hello Experts,

Can anybody help me to resolve this issue?

I have tried several things, but nothing worked so far.

When I transfer a existing main asset to a new sub asset (because of optimizing asset structure), the depreciation of the new sub asset is not evenly per period. The first periods are evenly, but the last or several last periods are zero or less depreciation.

For example the new sub asset had 6 periods to depreciate from 01.02.2016, then only in 5 periods the depreciation is planned and the last depreciation is zero. I expected EUR 972 per period and 5833 for all six periods.

I am using depreciation key LINR.

I have transferred the existing main asset to a the new created sub asset with ABUMN.

The existing main asset is depreciated for several years and/or periods or just for one period, I get the same results.

The new sub asset is only for a few periods or for one or several years with some periods.

If I give the new asset only one or several years for depreciation, then the depreciation per period is evenly.

Example of the sub asset with the wrong depreciation per period:

Planned periods for depreciation where the last period is zero (period 7).

Details of depreciation key LINR

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

Kind regards