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Jul 04, 2016 at 04:47 PM

Inspection lot not to be created for Intercompany STO


Hi Experts,

I have read through several SCN links to find out the settings required to stop the inspection lot generation during Delivery document (OBD) creation and goods receipt against of Inter company STO. Unfortunately I could not find the confirmed solution.

In case of Inspection lot not to be created during delivery (OBD) creation against of Purcahse Order, using Create Control Data in SD(i.e. Transaction QV51- Quality Info record in SD), we have chosen the setting "No inspection against of Delivery category in Customer specification tab for the required Customer, Sales Organization and Material combination and found to be working fine(i.e Inspection lots are not generated for that Customer)

In case of Inspection Lot not to be created during Goods Receipt against of OBD (inter company), We have tried maintaining the settings in Quality Info record (transaction code: QI01) "no inspection" in Inspection control Tab.Unfortunately when I make the GR, Inspection lot still getting generated.

We have tried with QM Procurement active Indicator and and assigning QM control key in material master QM view, but still not able to stop creating inspection lot.

Is there any other settings required to maintain to stop the Inspection lot generation for particular Vendor in case Inter company STO.

Thank you for your time and the support.