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Jul 04, 2016 at 03:16 PM

Need Some help ,Not able to pass users as agents.



I am using the block step type For completing my task, Two agents are there ,So, each agent has approve the User decision only once.

Please have a look on below attached images.In this i took one container field as Multiple line , then i am passing the no of agents before executing the workflow.

Then under block i was assigned the agents table, then binding was came automatically.

Then under the block immediately i put one user decision.Then i was assign the Agents,

You Can have a look on below attached image How i was assign the Agents. Then i am executing the Workflow. Before executing i am assign the Two users.These two users are not passing as Agents in the Workflow.

You can able to see the log details below attached image, it is saying that No possible agents, What is the mistake i did it.

->Work flow is under No General Task.

->In log files No of Users are Under container i am able to see the no of users, What i passed at the initial Stage.

How could i pass agents.


w3.png (47.5 kB)
w2.png (82.5 kB)
w1.png (362.4 kB)