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Jul 04, 2016 at 02:50 PM

Actual Service Cost at operational level in object currency


Hi All, I need to find logic of actual service cost at operation level for maintenance order . Curreny of maintenance order is different . From below logic ,I am not able to get currency as per maintenance order currency (i.e.object currency) . Could you pl let me know how to get cost as per object currency . Pass AFKO-AUFPL = AFVC-AUFPL , AFVC-STEUS = PMEX to get AFVC-BANFN ,AFVC-BNFPO & pass these value to EBAN-BANFN & EBAN-BNFPO to get EBAN-EBELN, EBAN-EBELP . Pass EBAN-EBELN, EBAN-EBELP,AFVC-BANFN ,AFVC-BNFPO to table ESSR & get ESSR-LWERT & ESSR-WAERS