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Jul 04, 2016 at 02:46 PM

Is it efficient to use functions to remove warning messages?


I am working on SAP Data Services Designer - V-

During my work i am getting plenty of data type warning messages, like:

The data type conversion will be used to convert from type <varchar(531)> of mapping expression <''> to type <varchar(512)> of target column <''>. (BODI-1110410)

I can remove this warning by

either using 'CAST' function - cast(column_name, 'varchar(512)')

or, using 'SUBSTR' function - substr(column_name,1,512 )

Now my question is, in respect of efficentness, should I use these functions to remove these type of warning messages or should I leave the warnings as it is. Which will take more time to execute?

And also if using functions is a better option, then which function should I use? - [CAST or SUBSTR]

Help would be really appreciated.