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Jul 04, 2016 at 06:36 AM

Reuse_cnt for number of open partitions Sybase_ASE


Hi Experts,

We are frequently getting logged with the below message in SPA.log file for our system SPA installed with ASE 16.0 sp02 on SUSE LINUX.

00:0006:00000:00064:2016/07/04 08:00:01.83 server Increase the config parameter 'number of open partitions' to avoid descriptor reuse. Reuse may result in performance degradation.

We have checked sp_monitorconfig 'number of open partitions' and found that the reuse_cnt is populating with positive value.

1> sp_monitorconfig 'number of open partitions'

2> go

Usage information at date and time: Jul 4 2016 4:07PM.

Name Num_free Num_active Pct_act Max_Used Reuse_cnt Instance_Name

------------------------- ----------- ----------- ------- ----------- ----------- ------------------------------

number of open partitions 3 49997 99.99 50000 167402 NULL

(1 row affected)

(return status = 0)

Can anyone advise me over the parameter with an example, this message and how to make the reuse_count value back to 0 to attain performance?


Dilip Voora