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Inspection Lot Status PAOR (Insp. completion w/o confirm.)


We have assigned 04 type Inspection for a material with the fields Insp with Task List , Automatic Assignment, and Check Chars unticked in QM view material master. Hence only usage decision is required for such inspection lots, no need to do Result recording.

The material is batch managed and confirmed through CO11/CO11N.

Inspection lot is generated with status as REL CALC SPRQ PAOR.

My query is how to avoid the inspection lot status PAOR.

Please note that the above inspection lot status is only coming in case of material without any Inspection plan or material where no inspection result recording is required.

I am facing the following Issue while Doing Usage Decision :

Because the inspection lots with status PAOR is creating problem while doing UD through BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION. We have developed a tool by using the above BAPI to carry out mass usage decision. But only in case of such lots with the status REL CALC SPRQ PAOR system is throwing error message:

Operation QM20 not available for this lot.

But usage decision for such lots can be done through QA32/QA16 .No issue comes in QA16 or QA32.

So please let us know is there any way to avoid the inspection lot status PAOR.



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2 Answers

  • Jul 04, 2016 at 06:58 AM

    Hi DD QM,

    Have you checked this.

    PAOR satus in Inspection lot | SCN

    Please do let us know if this is helpful.


    Dipeshkumar Bhavsar

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  • Jul 04, 2016 at 11:23 AM

    Hi DD,

    My understanding is that is you do not select "Check Characteristic", then the inspection lot system status is picked is "PAOR". But, I am not too sure about the behavior you saw form standard BAPI - BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION as to why this 'miss' is still being searched prior to executing UD. Please can you double check if any inspection lot system status level filters you have used, prior to calling the UD BAPI.

    Also please check the below two SAP notes -

    369960 - QV224: Operation QM09 not available for this lot

    1130217 - System message for inspection completion w/o confirmation

    May be the 2nd note should help you. Please share your observation so that we too can learn it!!



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    • Hello Dipesh and Arijit

      Thanks for your Reply.

      First of all, I could not found any solution for the inspection lot status PAOR . The notes provided are found obsolete for our current system.

      Anyhow, my issue for the error message (Operation QM20 not available for this lot.) resolved. Actually in the Z program for UD tool , the technical guy was picking the Material from QALS-SELMATNR. But for my cases where no MICs were updated or not required in the inspection lot , the system could not found any value in QALS-SELMATNR. Instead, it is changed to QALS-MATNR.

      Now that tool works properly.