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Jul 04, 2016 at 05:36 AM

Issue in retaining the state of check box on navigation to other view



I have a full screen app where in master view, there is one table containing checkbox with set to selected true at first. Once the user unchecks it, navigates to detail view where there are multiple records in table with checkbox whose state is true. I am storing the checked state and its data in an array while navigating back to master view.

Once few data is selected and navigated back to master view, the checkbox for that particular line item stays uncheck and a new button is visible called view.

On click of view button, the app navigates to detail view and binding the template with stored data in array.

On second time click of view button, the check box is getting unchecked.

I am using JSON model and setting table with this model along with array data.

On second time click on view button, the array's value is getting changed after jsonmodel is set to table.

Is anyone facing similar situation like this one?

Please advice on how to handle this issue.