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Jul 03, 2016 at 08:56 AM

EOIO for sender IDOC_AEE , issue on message distribution on nodes


Hello Friends,

I have an IDOC to JMS scenario (IDOC_AAE sender) . We need to have EOIO functionality. The IDOCs are sent every hour using RSEOUT00. We need collect IDOCs as per requirement.

On PI Side :

Activated EOIO and defined queue name in the CC.

On ECC Side:

Activated qRFC mode. In WE20, collect Idocs and define queue name are activated.

As per the settings, I see the Idocs have a sequence number, serialization, EOIO all I could see in the message monitoring.

Issue :

The Job RSEOUT00 is used to send the IDOCS every hour to PI. This job sends all IDOCs at the same time. I see all IDOCs have updated the status to 03 at the same time.

In PI,they arrive at different Java nodes resulting in chaos, firstly they are being received on multiple nodes due to which the sequence is mismatched.

Secondly, as we see the status update time same on all IDOCs after RSEOUT00 job, does the EOIO have limitation of using RSEOUT00.

Thanks in advance.