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Jul 01, 2016 at 06:44 AM

Reg: Customer Credit Limit + Varied Amount ( Month Wise)


Dear All,

We do have the below credit management requirement for an manufacturing industry.

For a certain Material the company provides an Accrual discount ( Statistical ) to all its Customers. The accrual amount gets accrued for all invoices ( in a Z- Table) and at the month end various rebate schemes are created ( Z- Table) and the balance accrual gets carry forwarded to the next month.

Current requirement is that the accrual balance appearing at month end has to be included along with the Credit Limit for the Customer.

Ex: Customer Credit Limit : 200000 INR + 12000 INR ( Accrual Balance)

For any sales order the credit check should be against the 212000 INR,

If anyone had come across the similar requirement kindly do suggest.

We are planning the below options:

1) To change the Credit limit periodically by including the Accrual Balance for every month.

2) Or else Create a Z- Table , store the values of Accrual Balance Month Wise for each customer and refer it during Sales Order creation.