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Jul 01, 2016 at 07:13 AM

SAPGUI logged out automatically after certain time, Auto log-out


Dear All,

Here, we are using Demo Server and only 2 users are there in the system. Both the user's are get automatically logged-out after certain time (normally when the GUI is ideal for 8 min. then only it gets logged-out if user is working continually then it is working properly). Our demo server is hosted at the different place from our office.

This is the error when GUI is getting logged out.

I have tried using to set some parameter values from rz10 but still facing the same issue.

Here, I have 4 instances and have changed the parameters in all 4 instances.

Steps performed from rz10:

1> Setting parameters:

1) set parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout = 3600 and 0

2) set parameter rdisp/keepalive_timeout = 3600

3) set parameter icm/server_port_0 =PROT=HTTP,PORT=8000,TIMEOUT=6000,PROCTIMEOUT=1500

2> After setting parameters RESTARTED the INSTANCE.

After setting the parameters i checked it 5 times but still facing the same issue.

Here, when i checked through OS level

- Logged in through RDP(Remote Connection) to the server.

- Opened GUI and it is working fine (Checked 3 times for 40 min.), when you login through RDP

Further, After doing some R & D i found that it is a network issue so i took help from my IT team for this issue.

They checked every possible option but found everything is ok and also able to ping the server.

Now, I am wondering what can we do next to resolve this issue, because we are facing this issue from last 1 week.

Please Help!!




GUI_error1.JPG (32.2 kB)
GUI_error1.JPG (32.2 kB)
GUI_error2.JPG (50.6 kB)
instance.JPG (30.8 kB)