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Jul 01, 2016 at 06:38 AM

missing data labels in VizFrame control



I'm programming an analytical Fiori App with SAPUI5 which includes different charts and visualization for the data. I have already implemented a few VizFrame controls and everything is fine with them, but now I get the following issue:

- if I navigate to this page from another page before I can see the VizFrame control but the data labels are missing completly (see screenshot)

- the page I navigate to has an own routing pattern. For that, if I reload the page the data labels are here (see screenshot)

I don't change the properties of the VizFrame control between these two actions. I implemented this page as a standalone XML view which can be called directly via routing in the manifest.json or by clicking a button on the page before. The relevant codes are:


and the routing call when clicking on the button (btw it's a circle on a map) of the previous page:

So both times just the XML view is loaded. But when it is loaded from the onCircleClick function the data labes are missing and when it is called directly from the generated hash the data labels are available.

Has anyone an idea how to resolve this issue?

Thanks, Marietta