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Subcontracting process with EWM

Hi EWM gurus,

Can anyone please share subcontracting process with EWM? Appreciate it.



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5 Answers

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    Feb 08, 2017 at 06:03 PM

    GR against PO in ECC or S4 would generate an inbound delivery in EWM. ME2ON Goods issue in ECC or S4 should generate an outbound delivery in EWM. As long as outbound & inbound configurations are setup, it should follow standard process. Are you having an issue?



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  • Feb 09, 2017 at 06:22 AM

    Hi Shamsul,

    Stock Provided to Vendor ( Goods Issue )-> It will be generate outbound delivery in ECC(Tcode MIGO/ME20N - Need some config from ERP Side ) .

    BC Set /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_SUBCONTRACTOR . Please check the documentation and configuration inside BC Set in EWM .Example :Picking, Packing,Goods Issue Processess can be carried out in Warehouse.

    Return stock provided to Vendor ( Goods Receipt ) -> It will be generate Inbound delivery in ECC(Tcode MIGO ) .

    Goods Receipt Subcontracting Main Product-> Inbound Delivery in ECC/EWM ( Tcode VL31N/MIGO )

    Goods Receipt Subcontracting by Product-> Inbound Delivery in ECC/EWM ( Tcode MIGO )

    Please try to test and let us know if you found any issues during testing.

    Kind Regards,


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    May 25, 2017 at 04:48 PM

    Non of those two are valid answers... as MIGO does not work when the document is a PO and need to be executed in EWM... only movements without reference generates Inbound or outbound documents...

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  • Jun 18, 2017 at 02:56 AM

    Hi Shamshul ,

    1 )Creation of outbound delivery from against PO with movement type 541. This can be done through either MB1B or ME2O and 541 mvt type should be mapped to a delivery type with default customer for the warehouse.

    2) Outbound delivery is processed in EWM and goods issue is posted in ECC with 541 mvt type and stock will be shown as stock provided to vendor in ECC

    3) Inbound delivery has to be created in VL31n which is pushed t EWM

    Note : A certain business function has to be activated for ECC to push the delivery to EWM with components.

    4) Process the inbound delivery in EWM and GRN will be posted in ECC with 101 and 543 O against the inbound delivery.


    Note : There are certain issues that we have faced to adjust the component stock and with return delivery for subcontracting . But this can be managed by using subsequent adjustment and return PO . As far as i know return delivery with 122 mvt type for subcontracting is not supported by EWM.



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  • Aug 30, 2018 at 05:37 PM

    Dear Friends,

    I have bit complex scenario in this subcontracting situation. Can some thro some light on this. Thanks a lot in advance

    This is are few thing in WH : All items in our WH is handled only in HU. No repacking or item. For subcontracting, I can make over delivery that is absolutely fine.

    1. Subcontracting PO is created in ECC , say with qty of 120 PC.

    2. The corresponding outbound delivery replicates to EWM.

    3. Now the stock in the WH is managed in HU with different qty. Say HU1 - 80 PC and HU2 - 90 PC in the same bin. Say B1 Bin. This is bulk bin.

    4. So the WT is created for 120 PC referring to Bin B1.

    5. Now when the Forklift guy goes for picking, first he picks HU1 - 80 PC using RFUI.

    6. Now system proposes to pick remaining qty 40 PC in the same bin. Now if I try to scan the second pallet wich is having 90 PC. System thros error message stating destination bin don't( staging bin) allows movement without HU.

    We don't want to Forklift person to adjust the outbound delivery with process code. We don't want partial pick either. In case of subcontracting we want to make over delivery.

    Pl. suggest is there exception code which can be used at the time of picking WT to change the qty to HU qty and adjust the outbound delivery automatically.

    Thanks & Br


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