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Jun 30, 2016 at 10:40 PM

Intra company plant to plant tranfer



we have a process where in goods are transferred between two plants assigned to the same company code.

that is one company has 2 plants.

goods move from plant 1 to plant 2

We want to use two step process for this.

normally when goods move intra company, accounting of inventory is done as soon as the goods leave the first plant

That is if we do movement 303 to send goods out of first plant , the accounting entry that happens is

inventory dr - plant 1

inventory cr - plant 2

We do not want this

We want that when goods leave the first plant, the goods should move to goods in transit

That is
the accounting entry should be

Inventory dr - plant 1

To goods in transit account

When the inventory is physically received in plant 2 and goods receipt is done the entry that should be passed is

Goods in transit account dr

To inventory account.

This does not seem possible using the standard 303/305 movement type combination

Can someone tell me how to achieve this

That is how to transfer inventory to goods in transit account and back to inventory in the intra company plant to plant scenario