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Connecting two ECC systems in different landsape


I have a requirement. I have two different landscapes.

Landscape 1. ECC 1 is connected to SAP PI  through proxy

Landscape 2 ECC 2 is connected to SAP PO through proxy

Both are in different DMZs.

The requirement is to have two asynchronous interfaces to be developed from ECC 1 to ECC 2 through either SAP PI or SAP PO.

What is the best possible design? I am planning to use SAP PO as the midleware

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4 Answers

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    Jul 01, 2016 at 02:45 AM

    Considering you have 2 separate ECC Servers in separate DMZ and corresponding PI / PO Servers, the recommendation would be to implement a Federated Architecture of PI.

    Note this image is from a standard SAP document and not my creation 😊

    What this means is :

    • ECC 1 --> PI --> PO --> ECC2
    • ECC1 will continue to talk to PI.
    • The PI Server will then connect to the PO Server and push the data to the same.
      • You may use a SOAP With XI Adapter or a Plain SOAP Webservice Adapter
      • Recommendation from SAP is to use SOAP With XI Adapter.
    • The PO Server will then push the data to ECC 2.
    • Which PI Server does the mapping depends on whether you have a generic canonical model in play or else leave it to PO considering it is on the latest version.
    • The idea behind this mode of approach is you will only have one firewall hole and data will flow between 2 firewalls only via PI Server. Something Network Architects will love.
    • This will also make sure that your Integration Lanscape is better governed where you are not wondering whether ECC is connect to which PI etc as the rule of thumb that it always connects to PI will hold true..

    You may read a extended article on this model here :…

    pastedImage_5.png (135.4 kB)
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  • Jun 30, 2016 at 05:23 PM


    There are so many solutions for this.

    But go for SAP PO thinking of long term, sooner or later things will be migrated so this solution if not making too much of difference now, it will definitely be good for long term.



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  • Jul 01, 2016 at 03:29 AM

    Hi Harish,

    As you have mentioned that you want to go for either PI or PO I would suggest to go with PO if you consider future development and prospectus.

    Basically it depends on the kind of interfaces or diverse integration your client is planning to do. Licensing for PO is a bit costlier as well. But if your client has both and your present requirement is to choose one its better to go for PO as you will get more functionalities like NWDSBPM , BRM etc along with all PI functionalities.



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    • Hi Apu

      There is a running project in a company. I am replicating that to a subsidiary company of the first project.

      I already did an interface with the ECC2 and PO server. The issue is not about licensing costs or using PO with advanced features.  ECC1 and ECC 2 are in different DMZs.

      Allowing the SAP PO from network of subsidiary company to connect with the ECC of parent company is a security hole. I was asking how this can be addressed.



  • Jul 04, 2016 at 02:32 AM

    Hi Harish,

    If the decision has been taken to create the interface between the 2 ECCs falling under different DMZs, solution architects are aware that the firewall rules will have to be modified to allow that.

    In such a scenario, passing the data from one PI system to another to maintain landscape integrity is standard approach.

    Hope it helps!


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