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Jun 30, 2016 at 04:36 PM

NWDS 7.5 SP00 missing NWDS. exe and ini files


Dear Experts-

I have downloaded NWDS 7.5 SP00 from service market place. The total size of the of the download is around 1GB. When extracted the zip file I a not finding the NWDS.EXE and NWDS .INI files. So when I launch the eclipse which is LUNA 4.4 and after pointing to correct JDK it asks me to exit and launch NWDS.exe but it is not available.

This was not a issue in 7.31 as we had all the files mentioned above in one package. Please find the screen shots in the below which will show the difference. I am not sure what am missing or is there any other link which can be used to download the NWDS complete package. I am using 64 bit laptop and 64 bit JDK 1.8 which includes JRE. .

Please help me to resolve this issue.



Link used to download NWDS7.5SP00:…


NWDS7.5.png (69.8 kB)
NWDS7.31.png (50.6 kB)