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Jun 30, 2016 at 05:28 PM

Role does not exits in NWBC


Hello Experts,

I am able to upload/import the roles in GRC 10.1(SP12) from the ECC production system. All the Single roles are getting imported successfully but some of the roles say it does not exists. I did all the below steps but still its not working.

1. Generated the roles.

2. REP obj Sync Full/ Incremental.

3. Role status production/ PRD and complete.

4. Import file does not have any problem because 99% of the other roles got uploaded correctly and have no issues.

5. Role system validity is checked.

6. Role exists in the ECC prod. system, its picking up the profile name/description correctly.

Even after all these step still there are some roles which are under role exists status as 'No'.

Please can someone help me in resolving this issue.



error.JPG (55.2 kB)