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Jun 30, 2016 at 01:57 PM

Multiple PRD SID's using Scope and Effort Analyser


Hi all,

I have a scenario with two PRD systems. While the LMDB can cater for this by changing the extended SID to PRD00001, the info cube 0SM_CCLG which is populated by the Custom Code Object Extractor only registers the SID and not the extended SID.

I've de-activated the PRD system's extractors, and only activated PRD00001's extractors. Emptied the cube 0SM_CCLG. Then waited until the extractor ran to populate the cube. From transaction RSRT, I run the query 0SM_CCLG/0SM_CCLG_SYSTEMS and get the results of the systems in the cube 0SM_CCLG. I see a PRD system.

When I run an SEA report, it error's saying there is no PRD00001 system in the 0SM_CCLG cube.

Is there a way to get this cube to use the extended SID, in order to run the SEA report?