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Jun 30, 2016 at 01:31 PM

Strategy 70 with finished product of strategy 20


Hi all !!

Recently i have been trying a lot to fix this problem but i was unable to solve it.

Problem: I was doing Semi finished product of STRATEGY 70 with combination of Finished Product of STRATEGY 20. But i there is no consumption of PIR in semi finished. Should i make any changes in finished product? or Strategy 20 doesnt work with 70?

Here are some of the settings i made which i want to share

Semi finished - strategy 70:

Finished Product - strategy 20:

MD04 of Semi finished product after creating planned orders:

MD04 of Finished product after creating Sales order and planned order (there is no consumption of PIR in Semi finished) :

If the above method is wrong, could anyone suggest me another option for finished product? (i meant MTO strategy)

With MTS strategy 30 i am getting results by selecting collective indicator 2 in MRP 4 view of finished product. Right now i have problem with MTO strategy.


str70-mm.png (40.4 kB)
str70fn-mm.png (40.3 kB)
str70sf-md.png (44.7 kB)
str70fn-md.png (40.4 kB)
str70sf1.png (48.1 kB)