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Jun 30, 2016 at 10:19 AM

Net Value Calculation in PO


Hi All,

My Client is having one requirement as mentioned regarding Pricing of PO -

They deduct brokerage amt from Main vendor and Pay to Broker Vendor.

They deduct 2% Charges from Main Vendor as they Pay them on the same day.

The calculation in Pricing they want is

Qty Price Amount

10 100 1000

Tax ded. 5% 5 50

Sub Total 1050

Discount 2% on Sub Total -21

Brokerage to Brokerage Vendor(Statistics,Delivery Cost) 10

Brokerage from Main Vendor -10

In GR Inventory to posted by 1000-21-10 969

In MIRO Vendor Payment to by 1000+50-21-10 = 1019

The Problem I am facing -

1) If I am making "Discount" and "Brokerage from Main Vendor" as Statistics then these amount I am not able to deduct from Vendor.

2) If I am making "Discount" and "Brokerage from Main Vendor" as non Statistics then I VAT Tax calculation is getting working as Net Price consider these amount is calculation.

So is their is any way I can exclude these condition from NET price calculation without making them Statistics by some routine or standard configuration.