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Jun 30, 2016 at 08:09 AM

Displaying Images/oData images in SAP WDE


Hello Gurus,

I have a basic question on displaying images in UI5 App using SAP WEB IDE.

After failing in finding a solution to it online, posting it here.

Query 1:-

I want to display an image uploaded to SAP WEB IDE folder in my app.

I uploaded it to Webapp folder and provided the reference of the image like <Image src="XYZ.jpg" />(In index.html have made the root folder as " ") which is not displaying it.

Please guide on the missing link between and the file and the image SRC value.

Query 2:-

I tried to display an image from the NorthWind oData Service under categories section using the similar tags in my XML view.

<Image src="{Product/Category/Picture}" />

The value is a binary value and as per the oData data types it belongs to Edm.binary format.

I tried displaying it by adding tag as

<Imge src="data:image/jpeg,base64; {Product/Category/Picture}" /> which didn't work either.

Would request your help in understanding this display configuration as well.

Thanks in advance!!

Warm Regards,