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Jun 30, 2016 at 08:55 AM

Multiple Withholding Tax during Invoicing and Payment


Hello All,

I am using SAP Business One Version 9.1 PL05.

We have a new Statutory Requirement where we now have to record 2 Withholding Taxes.

The 1st Withholding Tax is at 5% (WHT5) during invoice and

the 2nd Withholding Tax is at 6% (WHT6) during Payment.

In Withholding Tax Setup i have set WHT5 Category as Invoice and WHT6 Category as Payment.

On the Business Partner (Vendor) i have Enable Subject to Withholding Tax.

When Creating a Purchase Invoice i have selected YES as WTax Liable and when i click on Add the message

'Withholding tax will be calculated. Open the Withholding tax table for editing?'

When i select 'Yes' i am able to select both WHT5 and WHT6 and the WTax Amount is calculated Correctly.

When i click Update i get message 'Select Withholding Tax Codes of the Same Category'

I cannot proceed further in creating the Purchase Invoice.

Is there a work around for this Issue.

I have attached Screenshot for your reference.