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Jun 30, 2016 at 07:35 AM

Problem Loading a JSON-file with special characters



I have a JSON-file that contains text in Swedish. That means it contains åäö. When I load it I get the JSON UTF-8 format as for å I get \u00e5.

An example {"data":{"ipl_delaycodes":[{"codeID":"I36","description":"Djur i sp\u00e5ret"},....

I'm not the man to set DS converting the json code to something readable. Is there anyone there to help. I have read all relevant documents in the forum, I have tryed all suggestions, no convertions!

The file is read through a REST Connection, target is stored in a SQL Server 2012. In order to simplify the process I have stored the file on the DS server saved in UTF-8. As a target I created simple text-file.

The document is a nice start, but in my case, no conversion.

I tryed to save the file as unicode. That rendered in error message "[JSNONParser]Invalid \ at line:at column:13". That gave me a sign that it tryes to to something...

The DS plattform loads files from mainframe, Oracle & SQL Server database connections and Web-Services SOAP Connections that have given me some experiance loading special characters, but the JSON-file conversion is in this state impossible to crack.

If anyone want to assist in me I can add some attachments. Please provoke me with some questions, that can hopefully lead to some progress.