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Jun 30, 2016 at 04:27 AM

Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 511/X/X/ /L/X/


I have requirement to create Delivery Free of Charge with MvT 511. When creating the delivery order, I cannot assign the storage location (WM managed) because an error (above titled).

I have checked the LE - WM - Interfaces - IM - Define Movement Types - Assign WM Movement Type References to IM Mvt,

and I checked the entry, the 511 is assigned to mvt ref 501:

I checked the T156S / do the comparison, and seems to be missing the entry for 511/X/X/ /L/X/.

I checked the OMLR, the reference mvt 501 is set:

How to correct this? Because I understand that table T156S is cannot be add, only change.